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International Shipping - Parcels, Documents

One Time Shipping


Desktop? Call (604) 899-5447


Call (604) 899-5447 and ask for Pete for ordering & rates

Pete has been shipping documents and parcels around the world for 23 years.

He is the best!  Hit the easy button and ask for Pete!

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Vancouver’s Trusted Courier Services

Why us? Well, plain and simple we are good, hands down. Our customer retention level is astronomical. When clients come on board with us, they stay. Some of our clients even laugh at salespeople that come in and try to get them to switch, those always make for great stories.

Affordable Long Distance Shipping Services Vancouver, Canada

We are 100% locally owned and operated and we have no investors, we do it all ourselves, we are extremely proud that we need no outside help. Our owner is also the dispatcher, meaning he is hands on, knows what’s going on all the time. Constant communication is the keystone to our success with customer service and quality of service as the support, so to say.

Areas delivered to – Downtown VancouverLower Mainland and the World

Vehicles – Bikes, Cars, Trucks

Delivery types:

  • Bike – 1hr, 2hr, direct and overnight
  • Car – 1hr, 2hr, 3hr, 4hr, direct and overnight

Typical types of runs – bank runs, bulk mail, boxes, customs documents, inter-office correspondence, scheduled daily, envelopes, etc…

Same day cut off: You got to be kidding, we’re in the same city, why wouldn’t we do it if we can?

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Phantom Couriers Call (604) 899-5447

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