Local Courier Vancouver – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Picking a local courier service starts with asking the right questions to get the services you need. Local courier services are competitively priced and often more convenient than the big courier service companies. To decide which company you want to work with, below are some frequently asked questions.

How Long Has the Company Been Operating?

A company’s track record of providing top quality service is important. A courier company with considerable experience in the courier industry can be counted on to have the systems and procedures in place to reliably deliver for you. A long track record of on-time deliveries means you can be count on them.

How Reliable and Professional Are Their Delivery Team?

Your number one need when looking for a courier service is for your documents and packages to reach their destination safely and on time. Courier delivery teams that are trained and vetted to ensure they deliver and pickup promptly are the right fit for your company.

Vancouver's Highest Rated Courier Company

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What Service Options Does the Company Offer?

A good local courier provides several levels of service for you to choose from, depending on your needs. This will help you build a trusted relationship that lasts well into the future.

Is the Local Courier’s Pricing Structure Transparent and Competitive?

A good service provider will offer a transparent pricing structure. There are a lot of choices in using a courier - type of transport (car, motorcycle, bike), how quick is the delivery needed, two way services, etc. Clients must be able to call and easily find out exactly how much it costs to send a package or document, with no hidden fees.

Does the Courier Company Use Up To Date Technology?

A courier company that uses technology to manage, monitor, and communicate orders and deliveries is likely to be more efficient than a company that uses outdated processes. Will they provide personalized services to you (eg. cheque pickup)? The technology used will provide real-time tracking of packages and signature verification upon delivery.

What Procedures Are Provided to Solve Problems?

Even an experienced local courier service can have a delivery go wrong. For Instance, a delayed delivery of your package due to unforeseen complications. If this happens, the company should have mechanisms for providing personal feedback to you to keep you updated with instant constant feedback on the status of your delivery.

Can The Courier Handle Sensitive Deliveries?

There are times when you need to send special or sensitive packages. A courier company will have a procedure for handling sensitive deliveries. For instance, a medical delivery such as DNA samples or other highly sensitive packages that require extreme care when handling and in transit. Good local courier companies will handle packages that are highly fragile with extreme care.