One Way To Improve Customer Loyalty

Reoccurring customers are what keeps the doors open and the money flowing in. Loyal customer spend more money and visit you more often. They are the cream of the crop and as such, you should work hard to keep them happy.

And what makes customers happier than rewards?

If you set up a loyalty program that incentivises your best customers with discounts, gifts, and exclusive offers, you make them feel like kings and queens. (No, I’m not talking the ones that keep dying in Game of Thrones.)

Look at Starbucks…

Starbucks does nothing but sell overpriced milky drinks with a little bit of coffee added. However they are jiu-jitsu masters at customer service with one of the best loyalty programs in the world. They have a nifty app that pushes promotions, gives out birthday drinks, and free drinks to the people who buy from them often.

A friend of mine dropped by a store to get a drink he didn’t even want because the reward program gave him double stars.  (We are all still in kindergarten when it comes down to it.)

Regardless of which way you swing on the Starbucks debate, one thing you can’t contest is their success.  Starbucks, the third largest fast food restaurant chain in the world, has done a pretty good job at it raking in some serious coin.

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