The importance of being first

Do you remember the first car you bought?


It was something to behold, wasn’t it? Do you think back to the first time you sat in the driver’s seat? The first time you pulled out of the driveway?

I’m guess your second car doesn’t hold the same sentimental value as your first. Your second car just doesn’t have the same magic.

We always remember our firsts. The first day of school, the first job we had, the first kiss…

Everybody knows who flew the airplane – The Wright Brothers. They are celebrated for their achievement and success in aviation.

And the second person to take flight?

Who knows… I can’t even find them in a Google search. They have been lost in the sands of history.

Being able to tap into consumers first and make a strong impression leads to brand recognition and brand loyalty. Being first gives you a strong competitive advantage.

The second benefit of being first is the ability to control strategic and scarce resources. For example, Starbucks was able to locate their stores in all the prime spots – downtown, popular meeting spots, and malls – preventing other coffee shop chains from doing the same.

In more businesses the originator of an idea reaps most of the benefits – and the profits.

One reason for this is that it’s increasingly harder to be different. The marketplace is swamped with start ups and people who want to be entrepreneurs, but true originality is hard.

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