Phantom Couriers – Same Day Courier FAQs

Mark: Hi it's Mark from Top Local. We're here with Mark Huggan of Phantom Couriers in Vancouver, British Columbia. One of the 100 fastest growing companies in Vancouver and of course, Vancouver's best courier service. How're you doing today Mark?

Mark: Excellent Mark, had an excellent day today.

Mark: So today we're going to talk about same day courier frequently asked questions. What is same day courier service?

Mark: Same day as it implies. You call us up, we're on demand and we'll make it happen within a business day. Usually it's a four hour service.

Mark: So I guess the next question is kind of redundant but is same day delivery possible?

Mark: 100% possible. That's what we're here for. You know, if you're suddenly surprised and you need something done, outsource to us and you could be in two places at the same time. That's the whole benefit of a same day courier company,

Mark: So how does someone call up and get same day delivery?

Mark: Generally people see us on the internet, Google and it says on demand courier and they call us up and it's just a matter of telling us where it is and where it's going, what time you want it delivered, we're on our way. It's about as easy as it gets.

Mark: So this is a hard question I guess because it's going to be the lawyer answer, depends. How much does same day shipping cost?

Mark: Ok, our prices start for just say it was a downtown bike envelope going a couple of blocks, it's like a sub five dollars up to, we went up to Whistler and it was a same day delivery to Whistler, it was like four hundred dollars. So anywhere in between. The beautiful five to four hundred, we can get her done. We've gone to Kelowna on same day. It's more expensive. It was sixteen hundred dollars but it had to be there, had to be there. But generally our average trip cost is twenty four bucks. Average over every trip on the day. So on average you could spend twenty four - twenty five dollars, you've got your package done.

Mark: So how long does it take for an express delivery?

Mark: Well we always ask what time do you want it delivered. We're not like, oh would you like that, mysterious service level jargon. We're like you want it there at 11 o'clock, we're aiming for 11 o'clock. So if it's 9 o'clock to 11 o'clock, it's two hours, if it's 10 o'clock, it's one hour. We work within, you know, we break it up into one hour segments and off we go.

Mark: So there you go. If you're looking for a same day courier in Vancouver, the guys to see are Phantom Couriers. Plain, simple, straight ahead.They'll give you the answers and the service you want and need. You can reach them at 604-899-5447. And what's the slogan Mark?

Mark: Any package anywhere, Phantom Couriers gets it there. You know it.

Mark: Thanks a lot.

Mark:Excellent thanks Mark.