Phantom Couriers – International Shipping Part 2

Mark: Hi, it's Mark Bossert from Top Local. We're here with Mark Huggan of Phantom Couriers in Vancouver. One of the top 100 fastest growing businesses in British Columbia and of course one of the best couriers in the entire world. How you doing today Mark?

Mark: Excellent. You know I just finished up a day of being the best courier in town so what I can I say. Had fun.

Mark: So we're going to talk some more about international shipping frequently asked questions today. So I guess this is one you mentioned when we were starting off, do you go there?

Mark: That's right. Most people call us up because on the internet it appears like we're a local courier and then they call us up because on the website we have international shipping. So they're always curious where we go. And we go worldwide.

Mark: Have you ever been to Antarctica?

Mark: Nope. But we're waiting for the call, because there's needs, that we could ship something there. We can get a container there. We have all, we can get er done but nobody's called us yet. So if you're listening Antarctica, call me.

Mark: And about how many countries have you guys actually shipped too so far?

Mark: Off my checklist, legitimately 220 but I think that pretty much 240 because people change their country names every now and then. And we've been in business since 1996 and I didn't start my checklist until 2000. So you know, I'm pretty sure if somebody brought up a name, i'd be like I'm sure I was there.

Mark: So what's the shipping size can I ship? What's the biggest stuff you shipped?

Mark: The biggest stuff? Containers, like a full container. So we can stuff a container full of things and then some of the biggest things people call listed up. I did a metal bridge to Whistler. I got a truck and some four wheel forklifts and installed that. That was pretty big for local. But internationally, the biggest things I've shipped is problem I think it was like a 8 foot roll of carpet. That was the largest dimensional just one off package that somebody needed. Like that one package, pick it up 8 feet long.

Mark: So what kind of shipping documents does someone need to ship internationally?

Mark: Well, they generate a waybill with Phantom and that gets your point A to point B. And then we'll take care of the customs documentation up on this side. And generally get all the duties and taxes paid by the shipper, being us. And then bill the customer so that when your package arrives anywhere in the world, there's no confusion. And people are prepared. They can just receive it.

Mark: Pretty easy process in other words.

Mark: Door to door. Super simple, yeah, keep it simple.

Mark: So what if my items arrive damaged, defective, incorrect?

Mark: Let me see. Haven't got a lot of insurance claims. Things go pretty good. Electronics are hard because you have to prove that they were functioning when they leave. So we have lots of insurance that can cover that kind of stuff. And our insurance policies are always up to date. And we have an ad hoc one where you can just basically put in the value, send it off and get the insurance right away instantly. But you know, there's due diligence on both sides.

Mark: So like, here's an example and I don't know whether this is appropriate or not but like I ordered a TV and it arrived and it looked fine but I noticed that there in the package, there was definitely, it had been crunched and the TV was crunched too. It didn't work. So I basically took pictures of it and they sent me a new one basically. How does that work when somebody you know, if there's exterior damage, obvious damage along the way because you guys don't control the entire process. Your'e not if you're shipping to Botswana or something. It's whoever's delivering it there, is responsible. How does is that handled?

Mark: Good question. Anything B to C, like you know, business to consumer, usually if the TV arrives squished, it's like yeah replace it instantly. It's super simple. But if it's from consumer to consumer, it's a lot more difficult. But we had a pallet of TV's in the office the other day going to England, like the original manufacturer packaging and off they went and they arrived you know, no problems. They're built to take a spill from three feet on any side. Everything's suspended. So generally, the box might get crunchy but the TV won't. You know, they're going to be, they're tossed around at sea and in air. I mean those airplanes, it's a rough ride. But things were packaged properly.

Mark: And so it doesn't, yeah, so you guys pick the right mode of transportation then to get the package there I guess, based on how fast it has to get there.

Mark: exactly, yeah. If it's not fast, it doesn't go by plane and you know, we inspect all packaging. And if it needs to be upgraded, we'll give it a beefy upgrade. We have packaging facility here. We can just package stuff up.

Mark: So there you go. If you're shipping internationally in Vancouver, the guys to call or out of Vancouver or anywhere in the world, the guys to call are Phantom Couriers. You can reach them in Vancouver at 604-899-5447. Have a chat with Mark, he's a very funny man. And they'll look after you. They've done this for a long time. Thanks Mark

Mark: Right on Mark. Thank you very much.