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Where Phantom Has Not Delivered To

Mark: Hi, it's Mark from Top Local. We're here with Mark Huggan of Phantom Couriers in Vancouver, one of the 100 fastest growing companies in the province of British Columbia, of course, and Vancouver's favourite and best courier company. How are you doing, Mark?

Mark H: We're doing great. Thanks.

Mark: So we've talked a lot about some of the places you guys have delivered, but we're haven't you actually delivered too?

Mark H: Well, people always ask me that question and it also comes along with like, what's your goal's? Well, two places we've never been, never had the call to is Antarctica, and outer space and we all know that things go there and I'd like to be part of that. So those are two things that we’re kind of like keeping our ears peeled for. Mostly scientific clients. We want things like that, or ocean freight to Antarctica. I can totally get behind that. And we have a way, we know where to go with a 200 kilogram payload into space. And its 1 million bucks our costs. So you know, you pay more, but we know how to do it. We've got a lead and we just want to call it. It can be a letter to like, it's not a 200 kg hard thing, but those are goals. Let's go. I mean, if it happened, I'd be super happy. I'd write home about it. That's for sure.

Mark: So SpaceX, if you're listening.

Mark H: I think they got it covered. They don't need any help from a local courier in Vancouver, but if anybody wants something shipped down to SpaceX, I'm down to do that.

Mark: Absolutely.

Mark H: Yeah.

Mark: And of course. It could be something like you mentioned, there might be some folks putting together a package that needs to go up to, maybe some Canadian astronauts up in the ISS, International Space Station, there's going to be more of that stuff up there, for sure.

Mark H: Even if you just want the letters from your science class delivered to like the Last Mile Depot, we'd love to be just part of it just for fun and you know, just give us a call. I think that'd be just a fun, cool thing to do just out of the norm. Whenever you do that kind of stuff everybody kind of gets excited and it lasts a long time. It's fun to talk about mission accomplished, right?

Mark: Absolutely.

Mark H: Space talk, mission accomplished.

Mark: Very Star Trek of you.

Mark H: Hey, why not, I’m a Star Trek guy, you know! Those are two things. Where else have we delivered, like we've delivered to like war zones. We've had that happen. That's pretty crazy stuff, you know. So we're down for the challenge. If you could think of a place that we might not have been in, you need to get something to a remote area, like you were mentioning Argentina at the Southern tip there. We could get it there. So we're up for that kind of challenge because we have an infrastructure that will allow us to get those logistic jobs done.

Mark: So there you go. Any package. Anywhere anywhere.

Mark H: Yep. Phantom Couriers will try and get it there if it's outer space, let's go for that one. That'd be fun.

Mark: There you go. Thanks, Mark.

Mark H: Right on. Have a good day.

Phantom Couriers Now Offering E-commerce Deliveries To The USA

Mark: Hi, it's Mark from Top Local. We're here with Mark Huggan of Phantom Couriers in Vancouver, Vancouver's best couriers, and we're going to talk about e-commerce deliveries to the United States. How you doing, Mark? 

Mark: Excellent. How are you? 

Mark: Good. Good, good. So it's snowed in Vancouver, and of course I didn't get any mail.

How do you guys solve that? 

Mark: We didn't get any mail either, but our customers got their packages delivered. Rain, sleet, or snow, they used to say, well, if you want it done that way, call us instead of the postal services. They gave up and we didn't. 

Mark: So how does it work for US? To deliver to the US for an eCommerce company in Canada?

Mark: Well, Canadian e-commerce e-tailer would create a product and have to, obviously their customer says, ship it to me. I'm in Blaine, or I'm in Idaho, or something. And what we do is we pick it up, find out what the value of it is, declare the customs, and ship it out on our vertical using our power, like we have a volume discount and we just pay the duty and customs.

Those are never changing. There's no discount on that. And just get her, get her across the border. So it's going to be on that grand mail, ground mail service. It's like a four to six days depending on customs clearance. 

Mark: So for the customers, they don't have to go to the post office. They don't have to fill out the forms. They don't have to, you know, some of the details that they don't have to take the time to do that. You guys are looking after that? 

Mark: Yeah. We've got a full team here that takes care of all the manifesting, all the proactive tracking and monitoring of all of our shipments. So everything that leaves here.

From start to finish has eyes on making sure the job gets done because we bill when it's completed, right? And so we're not going to work. We're incentivized to get the job done so we can make money. So that's why we watch it.  

Canada Post bills you at the source. And says, bye bye. Catch you later. You know?

And you're like, okay, bye. I trust you. And then weeks later you get your thing from anywhere. It's, you know, it's not as, it's not as robust. So we're trying to add a little bit of more value add because more, there's more e-tailer in our, in our customer base that need the need to good service Phantom is used to giving.

Mark: So is it expensive to ship from Canada to the United States? 

Mark: Well, it really depends on what you're shipping, but the cost could, they're super cheap compared to like courier costs, like an envelope to San Francisco is like 45 bucks, and we can get down to the States for like, for a large, like a value package, for $15-$16 for something that could have a value of up to $300. So yeah, there's a lot of power in consolidation. 

Mark: And how long does it take then? What's the delivery time difference between the two ways of delivering? 

Mark: Well, we do overnight on courier. And mail service is what it is. It’s ground mail, but the faster you get it into the US postal service, the faster it's going to get delivered. So you want to hop the border quickly. That's why the consolidated shipping model works. Instead of, you know, so many different stops. You're just cutting out four stops, go direct. 

Mark: So maybe just describe, walk us through that. So it goes the, you go to the Canada Post, then what do they do with it typically?

Mark: Well, we're not going to go to Canada Post, hopefully. We're just going to pay the postage, jump the border with the consolidated shipping. Have it picked up in Blaine. 

Mark: And the way it normally would work if I went to the post office and did it. 

Mark: Yeah. Post office, wait, generate enough volume sent to sort facilities, sort facilities sorts.

Puts it into pickup, which is, it's pretty efficient, but I mean, it's going to take a day there and another day to go on the truck. Then they want to have full loads, so full load going down, has to go down, unload. It takes time. And then reload to to final destination. So you're skipping like five days of just normal stuff. It's just normal everyday work. Just like if you were taking your time, putting groceries in the car, taking a break, driving home, taking a break, unloading the car, taking a break and then putting it away, taking a break. It's just, we speed it up. We put it right in the fridge. That’s how it works.

Mark: So is this the cheapest way to ship from Canada to the United States for an e-tailer?

Mark: I don't see any other way unless you know, you've got a friend driving directly to your client. It's the most economical and cheapest way, you know, you can get your best bang for the buck. Customers are going to be pretty satisfied with shipping mode. It's taut, it's not super fast like courier, but it's definitely going to get their track and trace. So I would say it's the best bang for your buck, that's for sure. 

Mark: Fantastic. So if you're, if you're an e-tailer, retailer, online eCommerce person in Canada, and you've been struggling with getting your packages delivered from Vancouver area to the United States of America, the guys to call her Phantom Couriers. You can reach them at (604) 899-5447. Don't worry about it anymore. They'll look after it and your package will get delivered as quickly as possible at the right price, and your customers will be happy and so will you. Any package anywhere…

Mark:  Phantom Couriers gets it there. You got it. 

Mark: Thanks, Mark. 

Mark: Thank you.

International Courier Services

Mark: Hi, it's Mark from Top Local. We're here with Mark Huggan of Phantom Couriers in Vancouver. Vancouver's favourite couriers and we're talking package delivery. How're you doing Mark?

Mark: Doing excellent. How are you?

Mark: Good. So if I want to send a package or an envelope or something like that, say to some weird and wonderful place, like Vietnam or Nepal, how does that actually work? What happens?

Mark: Customers call us. We obviously arrive and pick it up. We bring it back to our office and we manifest and ship it out. So we make sure we do our due diligence. Confirming the address. Make sure all the contact information is done and then we get it on the fastest flight out or whatever you want. But mainly international stuff always goes on a plane. We leave our office between three and four, goes to the airport, gets put on a cargo plane and boom it's gone. Then we'll use whatever third party courier on the other side to get it done. The world wide network.

Mark: And how long have you been doing this for? Like, you've got, you mentioned before that you basically hit every country in the world. How does that work? How do you get all those connections in place to be able to do that?

Mark: Like you said, I've been doing it a long time. First I had a business partner, a long time ago and he was an ex-Purolator guy and he's like, "Oh we'll just take Purolator down to the airport" because if you bring it to us, we will give you like a kickback. And I was like, that sounds kind of cool. Why don't we just open our own network. So I just started back then, not knowing anything and now it just seems like it's so easy but I need to explain it to like everybody else. I just developed it by doing it forever until it basically, I didn't know, I just started off mailing things and tracking them and then I was like, well what if I just phone the guy in Armstrong, BC and send it up to him and have a courier drop it off. I just built a network. And it was like you, just being dumb and not knowing what I'm doing to being smart and having it all done right. Fake it till you make it. Made it. There you go.

I'm just taking a look at what we've got, some things going out today, like just out of the city and out of the country. We're going to, oh nothing super interesting. Oh where's this. Where's Katella? It just seems like a lot of Canadian stuff today. But we did a bunch of eBay returns to Japan. And so you know, you don't want to send out, "Yeah I don't like my shirt from Japan", and charge them $400 bucks to return his shirt. And so I had to find a decent vertical to get it out with and found the carrier and found the guy who would deliver it. You know, spoke a little Japanese and a little English and got it done, and cheap so it was good.

Mark: So is that using ship transportation instead of air?

Mark: No, we just got an LTL air freight. Like there was a container that needed to be filled up with returns and stuff. I'm just like, put this in there, ok. So you just meet people talk to people, figure things out and get it done. And it's nice you know, after 25 years, there's that network to fall back on. Otherwise I could just sent it direct, put it on a flight, play for it, it's done. And we just track it all here.

Mark: And so the tracking when it's in a place like Vietnam for instance, like how does the tracking work?

Mark: Usually our way bill goes to their way bill and we starting using their way bill through their system. And sometimes tracking simple, like it could be a SMS or an email where we just go to their portal or they just keep us in touch. Like a lot of guys just text us the stuff. What's happening or is even through email. It's all just, because everybody has a website, it's all tracked through their site. Like our dispatch system would be with their dispatch system. The API's can talk on a few occasions and then otherwise they upload a file to us. And or if it's like a national carrier like DHL, Purolator, TNT any of those guys, we just jack onto their site.

Mark: Sure, and in some of these lesser developed countries, the final delivery, the last mile could be a scooter, or a...who knows for sure. Bicycle.

Mark: Yeah, definitely. Just like the last mile is always the interesting mile I can tell you that. But guys are working hard all over the world, getting it done.

Mark: So there you are. If you need a package or a letter delivered anywhere in the world, the guys to call in Vancouver, Phantom Couriers. You can reach them at 604-899-5447. They're busy. You've got to call them and talk to them and they'll fix it, they'll get it there. 604-899-5447. One of the top 100 fastest growing companies in British Columbia. Thanks Mark

Mark: Right on. Thank you

Frequently Asked Courier Questions

Mark: Hi, it's Mark from Top Local. We're here with Mark Huggan from Phantom Couriers. Vancouver's favourite courier delivery company. We're talking some frequently asked courier questions. How're you doing today Mark?

Mark: Doing excellent, thank you.

Mark: So what happens if my parcel goes missing?

Mark: What? What's those words missing? Never heard it before. Oh wait I remember once, a package went missing and we tracked it down.

Mark: Back in '56 right?

Mark: Yeah, just before I took over Phantom. So, with tracking numbers, nothing really ever goes missing. It goes away and then somebody finds it and we get it back. So everything, it's pretty impossible to lose something unless somebody does something wrong and it hardly ever goes wrong. So tracking numbers are pretty much the fodder of what's going to get it back. And since we proactively track stuff, we really don't take our eyes off it for very long at all. But we'll get it back and there's insurance.

Mark: Yeah, so how long can customs hold my package?

Mark: Oh, depends how honest you are when filling out customs documentation. So if you're straight up, it could be in and out in 24 hours. It's always going to be a minimum, if they touch it, it's 24 hours. It's government. It's a slow process and they do a lot. The longest I've ever seen? Is a long time. It was like three weeks. It just was a lot of mess, mistakes, you know but if you do all the right things it should be 24 hours at the longest.

Mark: So do packages deliver on Saturday?

Mark: Yeah. 100%

Mark: How about Sunday?

Mark: No, 0% You can go pick them up sometimes from a rural area on overnights and stuff like that but mostly Saturday is fine.

Mark: So if I'm a seller, I'm doing e-commerce or something like that, I'm delivering, who's responsible for quote-unquote loss which we've already learned doesn't happen, but it's delayed?

Mark: Well that's going to be us. We're the last mile people right. So we would be responsible for figuring out what went wrong and solving that problem and that's what we do. We find things all the time. It's just like missed connections or some computer errors. Whenever a human gets in the way, little things go wrong and you asked them what did you do and track it down. So we are responsible.

Mark: Can someone get compensation for late delivery? If something really absolutely had to be there and it didn't make it, what happens then?

Mark: Yeah, we always feel bad that it doesn't make it. Ok, so when that happens, it's a judgement call whether we will pay for it or not. You might not see it on your invoice if it's like, oh you know, we screwed up. That's definitely not on the customer all and there's occasion where we'll pay for it 100%. But I don't like to say, like, there's no guarantees. Things go wrong. Tires pop on airplanes, birds you know, windshields crack. Things like that, they happen and that's life. But if it's our fault it's not your problem.

Mark: And what's involved in tracking? Is there something I have to set up if I have a package or is that all just automatically taken care of?

Mark: It's all automatic. Like you're a client, so you get a tracking number whenever you place a call with us. That just transfers right down the line. So it starts here and it goes right to the end. Like some people pass it off and like, oh you need to contact UPS, here's your UPS number. You can just use our number. It's universal through our system and that's it, start and end.

Mark: So there you go. The easy way to look after your package delivery and courier issues in Vancouver. The guys to call are Phantom Couriers, 604-899-5447. They're always hopping, always busy. Sometimes it might take a little longer over like Christmas or Black Friday, is that fair?

Mark: Yeah that's totally fair man. Those are busy times so it's totally bananas.

Mark: Think ahead, you might need to call them a little sooner and get your stuff delivered during those times but other that they're going to get it done. Thanks a lot Mark.

Mark: You bet, talk to you soon.

Phantom Couriers – International Shipping Part 2

Mark: Hi, it's Mark Bossert from Top Local. We're here with Mark Huggan of Phantom Couriers in Vancouver. One of the top 100 fastest growing businesses in British Columbia and of course one of the best couriers in the entire world. How you doing today Mark?

Mark: Excellent. You know I just finished up a day of being the best courier in town so what I can I say. Had fun.

Mark: So we're going to talk some more about international shipping frequently asked questions today. So I guess this is one you mentioned when we were starting off, do you go there?

Mark: That's right. Most people call us up because on the internet it appears like we're a local courier and then they call us up because on the website we have international shipping. So they're always curious where we go. And we go worldwide.

Mark: Have you ever been to Antarctica?

Mark: Nope. But we're waiting for the call, because there's needs, that we could ship something there. We can get a container there. We have all, we can get er done but nobody's called us yet. So if you're listening Antarctica, call me.

Mark: And about how many countries have you guys actually shipped too so far?

Mark: Off my checklist, legitimately 220 but I think that pretty much 240 because people change their country names every now and then. And we've been in business since 1996 and I didn't start my checklist until 2000. So you know, I'm pretty sure if somebody brought up a name, i'd be like I'm sure I was there.

Mark: So what's the shipping size can I ship? What's the biggest stuff you shipped?

Mark: The biggest stuff? Containers, like a full container. So we can stuff a container full of things and then some of the biggest things people call listed up. I did a metal bridge to Whistler. I got a truck and some four wheel forklifts and installed that. That was pretty big for local. But internationally, the biggest things I've shipped is problem I think it was like a 8 foot roll of carpet. That was the largest dimensional just one off package that somebody needed. Like that one package, pick it up 8 feet long.

Mark: So what kind of shipping documents does someone need to ship internationally?

Mark: Well, they generate a waybill with Phantom and that gets your point A to point B. And then we'll take care of the customs documentation up on this side. And generally get all the duties and taxes paid by the shipper, being us. And then bill the customer so that when your package arrives anywhere in the world, there's no confusion. And people are prepared. They can just receive it.

Mark: Pretty easy process in other words.

Mark: Door to door. Super simple, yeah, keep it simple.

Mark: So what if my items arrive damaged, defective, incorrect?

Mark: Let me see. Haven't got a lot of insurance claims. Things go pretty good. Electronics are hard because you have to prove that they were functioning when they leave. So we have lots of insurance that can cover that kind of stuff. And our insurance policies are always up to date. And we have an ad hoc one where you can just basically put in the value, send it off and get the insurance right away instantly. But you know, there's due diligence on both sides.

Mark: So like, here's an example and I don't know whether this is appropriate or not but like I ordered a TV and it arrived and it looked fine but I noticed that there in the package, there was definitely, it had been crunched and the TV was crunched too. It didn't work. So I basically took pictures of it and they sent me a new one basically. How does that work when somebody you know, if there's exterior damage, obvious damage along the way because you guys don't control the entire process. Your'e not if you're shipping to Botswana or something. It's whoever's delivering it there, is responsible. How does is that handled?

Mark: Good question. Anything B to C, like you know, business to consumer, usually if the TV arrives squished, it's like yeah replace it instantly. It's super simple. But if it's from consumer to consumer, it's a lot more difficult. But we had a pallet of TV's in the office the other day going to England, like the original manufacturer packaging and off they went and they arrived you know, no problems. They're built to take a spill from three feet on any side. Everything's suspended. So generally, the box might get crunchy but the TV won't. You know, they're going to be, they're tossed around at sea and in air. I mean those airplanes, it's a rough ride. But things were packaged properly.

Mark: And so it doesn't, yeah, so you guys pick the right mode of transportation then to get the package there I guess, based on how fast it has to get there.

Mark: exactly, yeah. If it's not fast, it doesn't go by plane and you know, we inspect all packaging. And if it needs to be upgraded, we'll give it a beefy upgrade. We have packaging facility here. We can just package stuff up.

Mark: So there you go. If you're shipping internationally in Vancouver, the guys to call or out of Vancouver or anywhere in the world, the guys to call are Phantom Couriers. You can reach them in Vancouver at 604-899-5447. Have a chat with Mark, he's a very funny man. And they'll look after you. They've done this for a long time. Thanks Mark

Mark: Right on Mark. Thank you very much.

International Shipping FAQ’s

Mark: Hi it's Mark Bossert from Top Local, we're here with Mark Huggan of Phantom Couriers in Vancouver. Vancouver's best, downtown, all around courier, but I hear you guys are doing a lot of international shipping. What shipping size can I ship Mark?

Mark: Yeah, we've always done international shipping. So we got started off with documents, super simple documents. And then pacs, larger things, items. But we ship everything from, like I said, documents to hard drives, lots of film. Things in the film industry that get created one day and they get sent out to the, I guess they put them into a studio where they'll be looked at and recreated. I heard they talk, the guy gave them a name like that.

Mark: Rushes

Mark: Yeah rushes, stuff like that. Right down to lots of electronics. We've got a room full of television sets, there's seven television sets going to England. We're working on a container of beer to Korea and to China, samples of course. We've done everything. A guy has asked us to move cars. We've moved air freights. I moved a, basically it looked like a tank, it was this giant drilling thing and I put it on a train. It's not international up there, but it was a huge shipment, it went up to the oil patch. And then things all over the world. Like if I went back, it's crazy what we ship. I shipped a tortoise by air. All sorts of things. Like if you name it, we shipped it. It's bananas.

Mark: So what kind of expected delivery times do you have?

Mark: Everything from next day to six weeks. Like we shipped t-shirts for like a dating site and they don't want them to go fast so we basically just used international mail shipping. Otherwise we could have it in France in two days. Across the international date line, just plus or minus a day, you're gone.

Mark: And where do you ship?

Mark: Everywhere and I mean everywhere, except Antartica. Man like every country, everywhere. So people want things to go to Cuba, nobody wants to go to Cuba. We found a way to get to Cuba. We've been to Iraq when nobody wanted to go to Iraq. Any war zone, we've delivered there too. Africa. All over the place. Like it's hard and there's no guarantees, but we'll get her done.

Mark: So do you need insurance?

Mark: Yeah, if you want to protect your shipments, you always have to insure. You know if you don't buy insurance, you're not insured. It your duty.

Mark: Is that something you set up for people?

Mark: Yeah, but you know, when you're doing the deal, you're never asking, "And do you want to insure?" But if it's a valuable item, we get down to it, we'll insure it. The only thing you can't really insure is arts, heirlooms, anything that doesn't have a tangible invoice value. Anything you say, "Oh but it's priceless!" Oh please, don't ship that thing just do it yourself. But yeah, we offer insurance for up to anything. The standard insurance goes up to $3000 bucks and after that it become high value and high value just need a broker to take a good look at the invoice.

Mark: And what about duties and taxes? How do you navigate that?

Mark: So most duties and taxes are paid by the shipper. So we would assume that we're going to be the shipper, pay all the duties and taxes, value added taxes here and bill the client as they ship out. Anything being brought in, as you know as everybody ships with Amazon, they're like "I couldn't believe it, a $10 dollar pen and it was a $100 dollars in duties". That needs to be taken care of on the import. Exporting I would recommend paying them upfront so your receiver doesn't get stuck with the bill because a lot of times they refuse it. It just increases costs and traveling back and forth from the last mile things can go wrong. So it's best to pay now.

Mark: There you go if you want international shipping with expertise and super efficiency, the guys to see are Phantom Couriers in Vancouver. You can reach them at 604-899-5447. Call and check them out, they're awesome guys to deal with and Mark Huggan is the owner. Thanks Mark

Mark: Good, thanks for calling me up. See you again.

International Shipping From Vancouver, Step-By-Step Guide

Whether you’re sending a package or parcel to the United States, Europe, Asia or somewhere else, you need a courier company that knows the rules and regulations of that country. It’s not similar to a domestic package that you just need to put some postage on and send it through the mail. Shipping internationally can be very overwhelming which is why you should rely on a professional courier company like Phantom Couriers to make sure your packages are delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The most unpredictable part of international shipping costs are the customs duties and fees. These can change based on country, time of year, and sometimes even the customs officer handling your package.
Having helped thousands of people and businesses ship to countries all over the world, we’ve put together a helpful guide so you can understand the process better. 

Service Levels

The two main factors you need to figure out is what is your budget and how long do you want the package to take to get to its destination. Since there’s a variety of ways to ship from ground to air, the most important aspect is selecting the best fit for your needs.

To see Shipping Prices and Services click HERE

Forms Needed

It can be a challenge figuring out which forms you need to fill out. However, the three most commonly forms required for international shipping are:

Customs Declaration

All mail containing merchandise must have a Customs Declaration form completed when sending the item to the U.S.A. or an international destination. The Customs Declaration forms are part of the Canada Post shipping label and also include the addresses and names of both the sender and the recipient.

It is the senders responsibility to ensure that all customs documentation and item content information and certificates for the goods being shipped are provided and are complete, accurate and legible. Failure to do so may result in the item being returned to sender, or could result in delays, non-delivery, voided guarantee, if applicable, fines or customs seizure in the international destination.

You’ll need to provide the following information for all shipments:
Contents Type:
• merchandise
• sample
• gift
**Please note it is illegal to mark an item as “gift” when it’s not. Some customers may ask you to do that to avoid import taxes, but you’ll be the one liable if it’s discovered.

Commercial Invoice

This is for any merchandise purchased or sent to an international country. Three copies of an commercial invoice is needed to be placed inside a clear pouch on the package. It needs to be removable and visible, so that the customs officer can review the information if needed. The commercial invoice is required for taxation and fee assessment. It’s typically a separate document from the label.

Certificates of Origin

Some countries require a certificate of origin for your shipment to pass through customs. It is a document issued by a sender that confirms where the package originally came from. These certificates of origins usually need to be signed by an official organization. A certificate of origin may be required even if you’ve included the country of origin information on the invoice. 

Other Forms You May Need

Export Documentation Form (B13A)

An Export Declaration Form B13A is required for the following goods when shipped to another country, excluding the United States:
• All goods (including gifts, donations and repairs) valued at $2,000 CAD or more
• All goods that are controlled, prohibited or regulated regardless of value.
An Export Declaration B13A should not be confused with the Customs Declaration form (see above)

Customs, Restrictions, And Duty

One of the benefits of working with a private carrier like Phantom Couriers is that they are a registered customs broker who will manage all questions from the import country authority on your behalf.

Common Abbreviations

Couriers have a wide range of abbreviations that you might find confusing. Here is a short list of some of the more common ones.
• Incoterm: A set of rules that defines whether the seller or buyer pays for duty, taxes and other fees. These rules are defined by the International Chamber of Commerce.
• DDU (Delivery Duties Unpaid by Sender) means the recipient is responsible for any duty.
• DDP (Delivery Duties Paid by Sender) means the shipper will be covering the costs of duty.
• Customs Items – brief description of the item being shipped, along with weight, quantity, value and country of origin.

Tariff Code (Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System) is an international recognized system to classify globally traded goods.

Tariff Codes are required on all official shipping documents for tax assessment and for better standardization. It is a six-digit number broken down into different sections and subsections. Providing a tariff number can be useful to smooth out the customs process (though you don’t need to have one). 


You should consider purchasing insurance for your international shipments, especially if you are selling a fragile or luxury item. A generally rule is if the shipped item is worth more than a $100 then you should purchase additional insurance. There are a lot more handling and transitional points across various countries, where your package can be damaged, lost or stolen so it’s best to be on the safe side. Even if you have a tracking number, accidents do happen so why not cover yourself? Through Phantom Couriers you can purchase insurance easily in the first step of the label process. 

Export Permits And Other Documentation

Export permits are required for certain controlled items and the government is responsible for issuing permits for this type of product.

Examples of this type of product would be:
•Nuclear reactors
•Weapon technology
•Agricultural and Food Products

If in doubt as to whether an item requires an export permit, contact the appropriate government department.

For a complete list of products on the Export Control List, please refer to to determine if an export permit is required.

Certain products may also require a permit or other documentation in order to be imported into the country of destination. 

Dangerous And Prohibited Products

If you’re considering shipping products that are considered dangerous like firearms, explosives, or weapons, there are some additional rules and regulations surrounding shipping requirement’s. Generally dangerous products are prohibited from being mailed whether being sent domestically or to another country, although there are some exceptions.

Please refer to Section 7 Dangerous Goods of Non-mailable Matter of the Canadian Government website for a complete list of dangerous products.

Valuable Items

Valuable items should always be sent with express shipping and with a tracking number. You can also request that the recipient must sign for the package. There are many different rules and regulations in different countries surrounding valuable items so do your research before sending valuable items.

Valuable items may include:
•bank or currency notes
•traveller’s cheques
•platinum, gold or silver
•jewels and precious stones

Currency And Monetary Instruments

All Canadian or foreign currency and monetary instruments ($10,000 CAD or more) entering or exiting Canada through the mail must be reported to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). These monetary instruments include:
- securities
- stocks
- bonds
- treasury bills
- bank drafts
- cheques
- travellers’ cheques
- money orders

Foreign currency and monetary instruments with a value of $10,000CAD or more mailed out of the country must include form E667 (Cross-Border Currency or Monetary Instruments Report-General).

The customer must submit a copy of form E667 to the Canada Border Services Agency office, at the same time as or in advance of mailing the item.

Commercially-Prepared Food

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires Prior Notice of all shipments to the U.S.A. that contain commercially-prepared food. This includes items that contain food for human or animal consumption, vitamins, dietary supplements, herbal remedies and food additives.

The FDA and U.S. Customs Border and Protection will use their own discretion and may consider not taking any regulatory action when there is a Prior Notice violation and the commercially-prepared food is being sent from one individual to another individual for non-commercial purposes. Customers are cautioned to ship these types of items at their own risk.

The EU has very strict laws surrounding importing commercially-prepared food so do your research if you intend to send food to European countries.

For more information you can visit:

Alcohol, Tobacco And Related-Tobacco Products

The mailing of alcohol or intoxicating beverages into the United States is prohibited and when discovered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will be seized. The USPS will no longer accept packages with cigarettes; roll-your-own tobacco and smokeless tobacco in any quantity. Non-mailable cigarettes and smokeless tobacco are subject to seizure and forfeiture, and senders of non-mailable cigarettes or smokeless tobacco are subject to criminal penalties.

Cannabis And Cannabis-Related Products

Canadians can ship a maximum of 30 grams of dried, recreational cannabis to other adults (age varies by province). If shipping over 30 grams, you must be a licenced distributor of cannabis. An individual cannot ship cannabis internationally.

Shipping requirements across Canada:
• Odour-proof, leak-proof inner, tamper-proof of the inner and outer packaging
• Nondescript outer packaging without any writing, icon or advertising that indicates what’s in the package

Prescription Drugs To The United States

Senders and recipients must be aware it is completely at the discretion of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) whether or not to allow entry of drugs into the United States.

For more information you can visit: for more information.


Phantom Couriers Makes Business in Vancouver’s Fastest Growing Companies List

Vancouver is known as a laid-back west coast city, but don’t tell that to the employees of Phantom Couriers who work hard to serve their customers around the clock. Their couriers’ stream in and out of their downtown office, picking up and delivering packages quickly and efficiently.

Whether you phone or use their automated online ordering system, there is no doubt that Phantom Courier is a well-oiled machine. Obviously, more and more people are discovering their amazing customer service as they choose Phantom Courier over larger companies like Canada Post, UPS, and Fedx. Phantom Couriers is Vancouver oldest independent courier, offering local, national, and international delivery.

Recently, Phantom Couriers was chosen as one of BC’s fastest growing companies by Vancouver Business Magazine based on 5 years of consistent growth.  To be eligible, the company needs to have its headquarters in British Columbia.

British Columbia might not have the economic heavyweights like Toronto – the banks, the insurance headquarters, or the media companies – but its natural resources and proximity to Asia make it a favourable place to do business as the businesses on the Business in Vancouver list can attest.

What is Phantom’s secret to success? Owner and operator Mark Huggan says it’s about” being the best tool for our customers. We focus on making our customers succeed and being an extension of their office.”

By being customer centric, Phantom is able quickly to react to customer’s needs – a must in the fast-paced world of package delivery. As attested by its growth, Phantom Courier is a welcome alterative to larger, faceless corporate couriers with poor customer service

Although they pride themselves on being locally owned and having a family atmosphere, they also have a network of world-class international delivery services in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. They can get shipments to their destination overnight or can provide more economical options with standard international shipping.

Huggan comes from very humble roots and stays humble about making the Business in Vancouver list, quick to credit his closely-knit employees for the company’s success. Huggan started off as a single bike messenger working out of his art studio. He started his business by printing pamphlets and slipped them under the doors of local businesses.
Although Phantom Couriers has now grown to over 30 busy employees, they still use the personal touch with each customer they come into contact with. It’s this core value that allows the company to help more people while still staying true to its roots.

This attitude is what drives Mark Huggan, who doesn’t see making the list of fastest growing companies a big deal. For him, as long as he’s serving the people who trust him to get important documents and packages to where they need to go, he is happy.

How To Send A Package Online


Do you have an urgent package that your client in Victoria needs tomorrow? You might start to panic and wonder what the most efficient and cost-effective way to get it there.
The answer is ordering online with a few clicks and getting Phantom Courier to pick it up for you. To get started click HERE.

If this is the first time with Phantom Couriers then using an account is easy with 4 simple steps.

1) Just enter your name, address, and other information before creating a password. Once you have opened an account, ordering is easy.

2) You will be redirected to your dashboard where you will place a new order using the column of links on the left of your screen. See below for details:


3) You then enter your client’s information including their name and contact details. Next you have to choose which type of service you want. Phantom Couriers offers everything from downtown bike courier to international delivery to China.

4) To get your package to Victoria click on service type. A drop-down menu will give you a number of options. You’ll want to select “Sameday Vancouver Island” which will put your package on the next flight to Vancouver Island. For a complete listing of services and the meaning of their abbreviations click on the link HERE.

That’s it. All you have to do is press submit and your order is done. Your package will be picked up and shipped to its destination.

If at any point you want to know where your order is, check your dashboard and put in your order number. You’ll also get live email notifications directly into your inbox so you’ll always get the most updated information possible.

Place your order with Phantom Couriers today!

U.S., International, and Overseas Courier Services

U.S., International Courier and Shipping Services Vancouver

Whether you’re new to international shipping or a frequent shipper who wants to grow your business – we’ll help take your business everywhere it needs to go.

Shipping To and From the Rest of the World

For over 20 years Phantom Couriers has been connecting businesses to the world with our international courier services. Our network and affiliates offer world-class international delivery services to and from more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. Whether you need your shipment to arrive at its destination overnight, or if standard international shipping will do, we have the right solution for you.

Phantom Couriers International 9AM
Guaranteed delivery to and from select international destinations by 9 a.m. the second business day.

Phantom Couriers International 10:30AM
Guaranteed delivery to and from select international destinations by 10:30 a.m. the second business day.

Phantom Couriers International 12PM
Guaranteed delivery from select points in Canada to international destinations by 12 p.m. (noon) the second business day.

Phantom Couriers International
Guaranteed delivery to and from most international destinations by the second business day.

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