What benefit will a same-day B2C courier company bring to my company?


Same-Day Delivery has become one of the most buzzed words in the last year around the office and at customer conversations. Last mile deliveries operations from the likes of Walmart, Amazon, eBay or Google, have seen it as way to improve their customer experience.

The current generation of consumers is used to frequent innovations to the shopping experience, so they expect comparable experiences from all courier companies, especially with small and midsize companies which have the capability and speed to make changes faster, adapt, embrace and apply new technologies and update delivery trends.

Same-day delivery could remove one of the most significant differences between making a purchase online and buying from a physical store: the customer’s ability to have and use the product purchased immediately or almost immediately.

Ecommerce keeps gaining momentum in the millennial generation, 30% of total retail sales. Marketing and logistics efforts must point towards creating solutions that fit the Millennial expectation, as they will be the future mass market, and most likely trend setters for generations to come.

“What’s really driving this is the need for instant gratification, which really chimes with a millennial audience. Even when ordering online they crave immediacy. Millennials are twice as likely to pick up online groceries on the same-day as purchase and 46% will pay higher for same-day delivery.”

25% of shoppers said they would consider abandoning an online shopping cart if same-day delivery was not an option.”

This is the answer to increasing your customer acquisition. Have a delivery partner that you can work with one that understands B2C and is easily adaptable to new circumstances.

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