Bulk Shipping

Mark: Hi, it's Mark from Top Local. I'm here with my good friend, Mark Huggan of Phantom Couriers in Vancouver. One of BC's 100 fastest growing companies expanding like crazy through this. And of course we're locking down again. What's happening at Phantom right now Mark?

Mark H: Curb side pickup. Everybody's ordering it. The streets I noticed today, the streets were just vacant. You know, I was like, I'm glad to see people are staying home, paying attention to flattening the curve because December is coming in. We need to stay home so that retail can get a boost. But right now, retail is depending on customers calling into the store, ordering online.

And then of course, Phantom is rolling out there and picking up the packages. So if you're waiting for a store to use their internal shipping, you might get it two, three days. But a lot of people are like, I don't want to wait, but just call us up today and we'll go get it. 

Like myself, I mean, I was out with my trainer yesterday in the rain and I liked his jacket. He sent me the link. I went to Fjallraven. They pick it, send a courier. I got it. I don't have to wait around. No problem with picking it up. It was nice and fast and simple. The stores are all prepared now because they have their systems and procedures in place. So lots of calls coming in for, just pick up this here, go there and drop it off.

And it's good. You know, a lot of people are very satisfied with getting the things same day. And if not same day, same couple of hours. So the on demand world is ticking along and with COVID you might as well take advantage of it because everybody's prepped and ready to go. And why would I want to walk into their store?

Wearing a mask, steaming up my glasses, standing in line, all that stuff. I'd rather just send a courier, just text the store and they bring it right to the door. Super fast. And the cost is nothing. You know, just got my jacket in a box right there on the table, three hours later. 

Mark: Bam. 

Mark H: Bam, yeah like really. It just makes my life so much more convenient because I'm going to go outside and run in the rain tonight and I'm not going to get wet and I could have spent two days being wet instead of enjoying my rainy Vancouver, in my nice jacket. 

Mark: Yeah. So something else that you guys have been expanding quite a bit as this bulk shipping? So what, what kind of bulk where you shipping a lot of bulk? What's that? What the heck is that? 

Mark H: Yeah. So for instance, a gaming company downtown, they had, I mean, I keep saying the same number, it just seems to be like around the 400 mark, because that's how many artists are working on and say video game. So I guess the video game has come to this conclusion. They want to celebrate and send everything to the staff to thank them. And it's really good for the emotional wellbeing of the staff because they just not sitting at home.

They all get something they can talk about. So these companies are really smart. They're Marvel branded tote bags, and inside them, were just like knickknacks and things about the production. And then, you know what they did, they sent out pancake mix and syrup to all their staff. So everybody make a pancake breakfast, sit down, go on zoom hangout, get to talk to your friends you haven't seen for three months and life goes on. And then the staff is incentivized. They're happy. And the company is able to, you know, keep that connection going. So I see it. It's a very valuable part of anybody's scaling business. You work hard on boarding your employees. You want to keep them happy, but when they're decentralized and at home, it was great getting them the equipment.

And now we're learning that it's lonely at the top, and everybody's at the top along these verticals of creativity and they're not going to be as creative. Like when they're on the headset talking to one person is one thing, but when they can talk to 70 of their colleagues, then boom, productivity goes up. They're happy again. And we're doing it like crazy. And the gaming industry is this one that's that knows what to do. I mean, they've always got big staff, you know, you heard the rumours that they have great benefits. They have great parties. They have great community and culture and they're maintaining it through courier, you know, it's not easy. They can't make 400 phone calls, but they can send out a package and then get everybody in one place at one time, open up your package. It's like Christmas, like stocking stuffers right. You know, it's always the fun part of Christmas and it's dark and dreary out there and it's making a huge difference.

We're getting tons of phone calls with like, thank you is, and this is working out fine. And you know, the gaming industry is one, the animation industry is another one. And then with all the events, all the charities are definitely on board with it. It's a pretty big deal. I like doing it because the office is full, things for us to do, keeps everybody busy.

And everybody who we deliver to is happy to see us. It just trickles down. It's like a Goodwill trickle down and I love to see it. It's makes the couriers happy. Their staff is happy. The shipper is happy. The vendors are happy. It's really good for the economy. And these gaming companies are leading by example. I'm very impressed. 

Mark: If you're a gaming company or you're thinking about doing some bulk shipping, bring some happiness into the world, call them Phantom Couriers. If you need some curb side pickup, some stuff that you want right now, right away, or as soon as possible, or in a couple of days, whatever you need. They'll look after you. They'll get it there. It'll be there on time. Phantom Couriers (604) 899-5447. If you're outside the lower mainland +1 844-899-5447. Any package anywhere  

Mark H: Phantom Couriers gets it there. You got it. 

Mark: Bam. Thanks Mark.

Mark H: Right on