Executive Concierge Service

Mark: Hi, it's Mark from Top Local. I'm here with Mark Huggan, Phantom Couriers in Vancouver. One of the fastest growing companies in the province of BC and one of the fastest growing courier companies in the country. If I'd stop tripping over my tongue, I could tell you how good they are, but we're going to talk about their executive concierge service. The way that you can get complicated stuff done easily. Tell me some more about this what's example of this Mark? 

Mark H: Oh, yeah, just the other day, I was at a luncheon at the Terminal City Club and a guy, Rob DesBrisay from NAI Commercial mentioned how easy we'd made it for him. It was just another day in the office for us. I guess they'd called around. They had 63 boxes of like bankers boxes of files from a high level guy on a lot of board of directors, like CanForge, Jim Patterson, Kal Tire. So he had amassed an amazing amount of records. And this is just one of his residences in Vancouver. He needed to vacate it for whatever reason. 

And they'd called movers and they'd called, you know, document storage places. And they called these people. They all wanted to come by and take a look and they wanted to come by and get the keys. And it just took all this time. And Rob said to his assistant call Phantom, you know, he knows me and it was one email. Can you do this? We're like, yes. When? And we're like, let us get in touch with the building manager. We locked off the elevator. We, acquired the keys. We went over there with a swamper and a big truck, boom done. In, out over to the other place. 

And so, you know, Rob was super happy. His client was like scratching his head, like, well, I thought this was going to take all day or a couple of days. Done. And so, you know, he pointed, you know, to a lot of people that they just think couriers, like some guy dropping off an envelope.

And he used the example of we're more like an excellent concierge service. So we can do what a concierge does. You expect a concierge to be high level, to be connected, to be able to help you out, to solve problems. You go to the concierge with like, I don't know where this is. Do you? And yes, the answer's yes.

So that's what we do. We provide excellent solutions. We're well connected. And we're the go-to guys to solve problems. We have a huge network of just experience and people. And we've helped a lot of people and they're always willing to help us. So this kind of thing is an excellent play for the company.

And it worked out for Rob. His customer's super happy. Rob is super happy. I was happy to get the testimonial. And it was just a good example that the people at Phantom Couriers are excellent at problem solving. 

Mark:  Any package anywhere, Phantom Couriers will get it there. 

Mark H: Basically, that's the proof in the pudding right there.

Mark: Cool. Call them at (604) 899-5447. To book your delivery or if you're outside the lower main,+1 844-899-5447. Servicing all of BC, all of Alberta, all of Toronto and rapidly expanding right across the country. Phantom Couriers. Thanks Mark. 

Mark H: Thank you.