Get Your Packages to Canada Faster with Overnight Express Shipping

One of the biggest challenges to running a successful e-commerce business is dealing with the phenomenon of shopping cart abandonment. Delivering products may take longer than planned, cost more than intended, or not be accessible by express shipment.

Do yourself a favor and choose overnight shipping if you are one of those people having these kinds of issues.

Do you ever consider shipping in a single day when a customer requests overnight delivery? Every shopkeeper has experienced the stress of rushing an item to its destination in one night. In that case, what are your plans of action? Don’t freak out! The fastest shipping option is Overnight Shipping, and it’s the only one. This way, you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive at its destination the following morning without any interruptions.

Overnight shipping

Overnight shipping means that the shipping process is done in one night. According to the definition of overnight shipping, it is a type of shipping that guarantees the customer’s package will be delivered the next business day.

When time is of the essence, overnight delivery is the way to go. However, the entire overnight shipping procedure involves several other aspects and activities.

Aspects to think about when calculating an overnight shipping price

The Size of the Package

Your shipment’s total dimensions are of utmost significance. The larger the package, the higher the shipping costs. When calculating the cost of your shipment, the size of your cargo is a major factor.

Package Weight

Your shipping costs will go up for several reasons, including the extra weight of your delivery. In general, shipping costs increase in proportion to the weight of your package. Because of this, the package weight will be used to calculate the shipping cost, even if it is higher than the actual DIM weight.

Delivery Speed

When calculating the price of overnight shipping, it is crucial to consider the delivery time. There are many overnight delivery alternatives when working with courier services. Some shipping businesses promise the quickest shipping times and a money-back guarantee if the delivery is delayed.

Your Package’s Dimensions

Knowing your package’s length, breadth, and height allows you to determine its precise proportions. A package’s dimensional weight can be determined by multiplying its length, width, and size and then dividing that result by a DIM divisor. Shipping costs can be estimated more accurately using the dimensional weight.

Place of Shipment

The shipping zone represents the actual metric distance between the package’s origin and its final resting place. When determining shipping costs, many companies employ shipping zones. Your order’s location is key in determining the shipping zone’s associated fee. There is a rise in shipping costs related to expanding the shipping zone. Overnight delivery costs will vary depending on where you live.

Shipping Options: Standard vs Overnight

The differences between the two are as follows:

When will it be Delivered

One of the most notable distinctions is the transit time when comparing standard versus express shipping. Two to eight days is the typical arrival period for conventional shipping, although air couriers can deliver express orders in as little as a day. Delivery could occur on the same day in some instances. In cases where time is of the essence, express shipping is the way to go. If you can wait a little longer, expedited shipping is the way.

Economic Efficiency

Second, because it is sent by road using surface couriers, normal shipping is more cost-effective than express shipping or delivery. Due to the utilization of air couriers, the cost of express shipping is higher than that of other transportation options because of the urgency and quick turnaround time it provides. Choosing the most efficient method of transporting your items by the required arrival times is important.

Warehouse Shipment

On average, it takes 2-8 days to send out via regular delivery, but only 1-5 days by rapid shipment.

Cost of Shipment

The shipping cost is typically included in the product price for quick delivery. If you’re only using regular delivery, you can offer that at no cost to the consumer. Based on their urgency, consumers are sometimes also given the option between express and normal shipping.


Expedited delivery services can be obtained from various sources, including courier firms. Even though the service is more expensive than the norm, it can normally deliver a shipment in one to three days. Phantom Couriers is a reliable and inexpensive shipping service that provides express delivery services.