How To Impress Your Customers

Do you remember how you felt when you first had a crush on that lucky someone in high school?
You probably dressed a little nicer… maybe you even acted a little differently around them. You told them funny stories. Washed behind your ears.
Well, that is how you should act towards your customers.
Communication is the first key when dealing with them. You need to be approachable and answer any questions they might have. Ask for and accept feedback… even if it’s a hard pill to swallow. Customers appreciate it when you act on their feedback and feel angry when you ignore them.
The second key is to keep your promises.
The biggest mistake you can make with your customers is to overpromise and under deliver. You should always, (and I mean always) over deliver on what you say. Never make your customer feel underwhelmed by their experience with you.
Customers should be treated like your high school sweetheart. You should think about them day and night. Shower them with gifts. Profess your love for them.
Get to know your customers better.
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