Local Freight

Mark: Hi, it's Mark from Top Local. I'm here with Mark Huggan, Phantom Couriers in Vancouver. One of BC's 100 fastest growing companies, probably in the top 10, frankly they're growing so fast through this pandemic time. Everybody needs delivery. And today we're going to talk about local freight. They've got a truck, they're delivering dock to dock. What's going on, Mark. How are you doing? 

Mark H: Doing good. Yeah, dock to dock, we got a beautiful five ton, with power tailgate makes it a lot easier. And dock to dock work is what we like to do. So any printing companies out there that have pallets going on, we have an excellent rate for pallets. We're doing 55 bucks a pallet in the lower mainland, pretty unstoppable rate, it competes.

Just Phantom Couriers is pretty nimble. The East side is great with lots of printers. They need paper, everything needs to go back and forth, and those are really easy, great jobs for us to do. Prioritize and execute. Love to help out the printing.

It's really good for all the people that are moving their offices for the next lockdown and COVID. A lot of desks need to be moved and we can bundle them up and schedule them to get them out, like a lot of people during the week, make it so that the operations manager of a facility is not overwhelmed. They can stage it and run it. We can help them out. We can send extra guys to do it. 

Yeah. The truck is really good. The trucking is really good. Like freight is a big part of Phantoms business. And now we've got a choke hold on it and we want more because it's super fun. I like doing it and it keeps us super busy. It's always interesting. So that's something we really want to get more work for and the customers are super happy because our operators are top notch.

Mark: So would you be willing to name some of the customers you've been working with recently?

Mark H: So we just moved some desks today from HootSweet. So Hootsuite's one of the top tech companies in Canada really. They've got a huge facility. They've got a secondary one down the street. So all their decentralized workers need to go out. Animation houses like Scanline VFX, it's big, to get all their desks out. And we move, like last mile ecom for EffyDesk, a standup desk company. So sometimes we're pulling 15, 20 desks a day. They're all three parters. They need to be done. And then we do a lot of work for Mitchell Press, so things need to go back and forth to the binderies.

And that's the kind of companies we'd like to work for. Mitchell Press, Metropolitan. Fine Printers are two excellent printing companies we work for. But also, logistics companies like downtown Livingston International. They always need to get a pallet of paper. I know the world thinks it's paperless. But there's a ton of paper, so people need their paper and they also need everything taken out. 

So pallets need to be returned. Boxes need to be cut down. Things like that. Phantom is there to do it for them. That's a pretty good spectrum. You've got logistics and tech and paper. So there you are 

Mark: Having just moved, I know we signed page after page of paper, even though it was supposed to be all done electronically. Still a paper world.

Mark H: Yeah, I mean sure, it's heavy too. Nobody likes to move around, you know, a box of paper is 60 pounds sometimes. So 45 to 60 pounds, you've got to move those things. That's not easy. 

Mark: So Phantom Couriers, not just envelopes, not just bike messengers, but they got all that. International shipping. They have a downtown office on Howe Street. 329 Howe Street to look after your after hours shipping or pickups, if you don't want it delivered to your location, you can pick it up there. But also freight in town, in Vancouver, unbeatable price on pallet deliveries, dock to dock. Phantom Couriers, any package anywhere. 

Mark H: Phantom Couriers gets it there. 

Mark: Thanks Mark. 

Mark H: Right on man.