Phantom Couriers, Vancouver BC

Mark: Hi, it’s Mark from Top Local Lead Generation, we’re here with Mark Huggan of Phantom Couriers in Vancouver, they’re Vancouver’s best phantom courier, they’re Vancouver’s best courier’s period. How’re you doing today Mark?

Mark: Pretty good, excellent, thank you.

Mark: So we’re going to talk a little bit about the history of Phantom, kind of our first broadcast on talking about the Phantom. What’s the history and what do you guys do?

Mark: Well the history is that I started off as an independent bike messenger, it was like a part time temporary thing and after about eight hours I’s hey this is better than anything I’ve ever done before so I was obviously working for another company called International Parcel Service, the owner was a cool guy and I said I’m going to quit, I’ve got to start may own company and he said well that’s fine, then he called me up half an hour later and said let me be your biggest client so I’m just zooming around making friends, walking through doors and that’s like it just took off and I want, it was super simple, I went to a Kinko’s one day, put out a flyer and the pagers started ringing and just everywhere I went people seemed to have a need to get things done quick and fast, no confusion so I found a niche, it kept it busy, it was super creative and I had a lot of fun so that’s the basic start of it. It started in 1996 and I haven’t looked back since, it’s been full bore since we started, got a huge awesome crew now and everybody likes it.

Mark: So what’s different about what you guys do right now?

Mark: I just think that all courier companies are the same and it’s just each company’s a different flavour and I think our flavours, people like it more, it’s a lot, it’s really simple to join up as a client and basically nobody wants to let anybody down, that’s the basic thing, nobody likes being in trouble and everyone likes it when you solve a problem so if you’re a problem solver you’re always getting a pat on the back and a thank you and I think our crew’s made up of problem solvers and it’s almost like everybody who works at that is an entrepreneur and they’re always in startup mode and they’re always wanted to please and they’re like I can do this, so I think maybe that’s our, our secret right now.

Mark: And what kind of plans do you have for the future?

Mark: Well of course everybody’s concerned about, there’s lots of concerns and courier peoples often throw out like they’re fossil fuel users but really we take cars off the road every day, you know, a company could send out five employees to do things or you can call Phantom Couriers and we can do ten things with two people and that’s something we really monitor and our efficiency is something that our, we have a huge technological side at the office and it’s all about efficiency so we’re always doing route planning which is efficient, you know, everyone gets on Google Maps like how can I get to the markets sooner but we do it with like how can we get to 15 different businesses faster so by using super good technology gps tracking and all of our drivers and awesome communication, that seems to be better for the environment and better fuel efficiency, better for profits for us and less expense for drivers and company and we’re also moving into more EV Vehicles so we’ve been investigating which ones we want to buy and where we’re going to start so EV is basically where we’re heading in the future. We’ve got our plan rolling out and plans starting at end of the summer so I’m looking forward to 2017 as being a better year for us with EV Vehicles.

Mark: Awesome, so if you’re looking for the most reliable courier company, guys who just get it done period, their motto is “Any package, anywhere, Phantom Couriers gets it there” and they’ve got some amazing stories, look forward to some incredible things that they’ve pulled off. These guys you can call them in Vancouver 604-899-5447 or check out their website, you can book everything right there Thanks a lot Mark.

Mark: Excellent Mark, thank you.