Weekend Deliveries

Mark: Hi, it's Mark from TLR. I'm here with Mark Huggan of Phantom Couriers in Vancouver. Vancouver's best courier service, multiple time fastest growing company in BC, expanding across the country, doing all kinds of amazing things, but mostly delivering your packages on time and when you need it. And today we're going to talk about weekend deliveries. How you doing Mark? 

Mark H: We're doing good today. How are you? 

Mark: Good. So weekends, I know most of your business is business to business type stuff, but weekends are for just playing around. Do people want stuff on the weekend? 

Mark H: For sure. Let's not go out and do errands when you don't have to. Use us to do them. So you can spend time with your family. And with the COVID lock down and like the more stringent rules, don't go outside and make yourself vulnerable. We have priority at most consumer pickup places. When a courier shows up, they're just like, Oh, what do you mind waiting a moment. The couriers here for this package, they called it in an hour ago. Bing bang, boom, done back to the house. 

So you don't have to go out find the parking, worry about the masks, wrangle the kids, sanitize your hands, send the courier because they prep all that stuff constantly. They're ready to rock. So it's really good for the weekends. Like even when people were moving this weekend, taking up their donations and stuff to the Value Village, we just drop it off at the back door. You didn't have to do it. 

So those kinds of things are something we should all be looking at. One courier can do like 15 things in a day. So that's 15 cars that don't have to leave their home. 15 families that don't have to go out and become, you know, susceptible to COVID. Don't have to feel guilty about traveling outside.

Let us do it for you. It's easy. You can call us all the time. You can use our online ordering system and just reach out to us. It could be a big or small job. We're here to negotiate. We're here to help. You can't do it alone. We're all in this together. So let's rock it out, use Phantom. And I think it's a good idea. I mean I do it too. I don't leave home. I'll call the courier who's out, running around. It's like, please come drop that off here or pick that up for me because I'm working from home. 

Mark: So what kind of items are people getting delivered on the weekends?  

Mark H: Lots of things. Groceries, number one, right? Liquor, wine, go pick that up. Don't do that. Pharmaceuticals. A lot of people send us to Finlandia to pick up holistic pharmaceutical stuff because that's like a specialized item. They don't want to leave. It's in the middle of Broadway. It's not easy to get to, you know, like the Value Village thing I mentioned.

Small items, like, you know, they can't leave the home. They don't want to, they just need batteries for their mouse. We can rip that thing up super fast and we'll find the closest one to go to it. We can even like pay for it on the spot and then I'll just e-transfer the courier. So it's seamless. It's really time-saving.

 You name it, if we need it, we'll go get it. You know, all sorts of things. You know when you're at home and you're just like, Oh, I need, you know, you just have that, I forgot. So we all have our to-do lists and we're always just wandering down the hall. When we suddenly realized we forgot to do something. Go use the courier because it's outsourcing your time to us and we'll do it for you.

Saves time, saves energy, same stress, and you know, that's a big deal what's going on right now. It's totally wacky times. Flatten the curve by not going outside. Just enjoy yourself at home. Get some groovy stuff for a dinner on the deck. Who knows? I don't know. We're here to make it fun and it's fun too because it's like a courier's coming? So it's different. It's fun. It's affordable. And it's safe. 

Mark: If you're deep in that Marvel superhero marathon on the weekend or The Expanse or whatever your drug of choice is on the weekend. Give Phantom Couriers a call. They can deliver your groceries, your pharmacy items, your wine and other liquor items. They can deliver your USB cord or HTMI or whatever you need to make your life a little bit easier because you don't want to get out of your pajamas and go out there. Or you just are too darn busy. The party's happening and you need candles and you don't have candles, whatever it is. Give Phantom Couriers a call (604) 899-5447. Or check out the website, phantomcouriers.com. You can book right online there. Thanks Mark. 

 Mark H: We're here to help for sure.