Phantom Couriers – Same Day Courier FAQs

Mark: Hi it's Mark from Top Local. We're here with Mark Huggan of Phantom Couriers in Vancouver, British Columbia. One of the 100 fastest growing companies in Vancouver and of course, Vancouver's best courier service. How're you doing today Mark?

Mark: Excellent Mark, had an excellent day today.

Mark: So today we're going to talk about same day courier frequently asked questions. What is same day courier service?

Mark: Same day as it implies. You call us up, we're on demand and we'll make it happen within a business day. Usually it's a four hour service.

Mark: So I guess the next question is kind of redundant but is same day delivery possible?

Mark: 100% possible. That's what we're here for. You know, if you're suddenly surprised and you need something done, outsource to us and you could be in two places at the same time. That's the whole benefit of a same day courier company,

Mark: So how does someone call up and get same day delivery?

Mark: Generally people see us on the internet, Google and it says on demand courier and they call us up and it's just a matter of telling us where it is and where it's going, what time you want it delivered, we're on our way. It's about as easy as it gets.

Mark: So this is a hard question I guess because it's going to be the lawyer answer, depends. How much does same day shipping cost?

Mark: Ok, our prices start for just say it was a downtown bike envelope going a couple of blocks, it's like a sub five dollars up to, we went up to Whistler and it was a same day delivery to Whistler, it was like four hundred dollars. So anywhere in between. The beautiful five to four hundred, we can get her done. We've gone to Kelowna on same day. It's more expensive. It was sixteen hundred dollars but it had to be there, had to be there. But generally our average trip cost is twenty four bucks. Average over every trip on the day. So on average you could spend twenty four - twenty five dollars, you've got your package done.

Mark: So how long does it take for an express delivery?

Mark: Well we always ask what time do you want it delivered. We're not like, oh would you like that, mysterious service level jargon. We're like you want it there at 11 o'clock, we're aiming for 11 o'clock. So if it's 9 o'clock to 11 o'clock, it's two hours, if it's 10 o'clock, it's one hour. We work within, you know, we break it up into one hour segments and off we go.

Mark: So there you go. If you're looking for a same day courier in Vancouver, the guys to see are Phantom Couriers. Plain, simple, straight ahead.They'll give you the answers and the service you want and need. You can reach them at 604-899-5447. And what's the slogan Mark?

Mark: Any package anywhere, Phantom Couriers gets it there. You know it.

Mark: Thanks a lot.

Mark:Excellent thanks Mark.

Phantom Couriers Shipping FAQ’s

Mark: Hi it's Mark from Top Local. We're here with Mark Huggan of Phantom Couriers in Vancouver. One of BC's 100 fastest growing companies and of course, expanding like crazy, delivering stuff all over the place. How're you doing today Mark?

Mark: Totally excellent. Having a great day.

Mark: So we're going to do some frequently asked questions about shipping that I'm sure you guys get all the time. Does destination scan mean I'll get it today?

Mark: Ah, no. A destination scan is when it goes from one party to the other and they sort of do the handshake and it's off to its final mile, but it doesn't mean that it's going to be arriving in any time soon. It just means that a new carrier is holding it. So track it accordingly.

Mark: So how long does it take to deliver after the destination scan?

Mark: Well it should be same day or you know you have your transit times for most shipments. So it says like delivered on Wednesday by 5PM. Should be there. But a lot of times if it's a rural area, so say it's like you know Vanderhoof or something weird, there might be every second day or might be the next day. It's just hard to tell. It's case by case but generally when it's you know, heading for, out for delivery it should be during that timeframe that time and transit has been established.

Mark: What does import scan mean?

Mark: Ok, so you ship something to another country and it gets imported. It means that customs is done with it. They've done their paperwork.They're looking at it and now it's free to be picked up by a carrier.So a lot of things have to, you know they just have to check it out. You might be sending a present to your favourite aunt and they're like well let's just make sure that you're not selling something without telling us. Oh you're not, good-they're pajamas, import scan. Out for final mile. It tells you what's going on. It's just an extra step in the million steps to get a package delivered.

Mark: So does out for delivery mean I get it today?

Mark: Well we would hope so. But it does and doesn't. Generally it means it's out for delivery but a lot of times if there's an address correction, like there's something wrong, you might get that scan and you should actually just all in and have somebody get down to the bottom of it for you because you can see that for two days. Just always call up and find out from your CSR what it's really going on because they'll know because they can just quickly get access to it and find you. Are you going to deliver this driver, yes or no? Well address was corrected yes. I don't know what it is, no. So case by case just call your CSR. If you're at Phantom, we'll help you.

Mark: So do you guys do the dreaded door hanger thing when you don't deliver?

Mark: No we use the cool email. So generally, door hangers don't you know. So basically, we will text you, we'll call you but nobody answers their phone, "I don't know who you are". So we'll text because then you're like, oh it's Phantom, and get a hold of you. We have like a couple preset messages, like "Hey Phantom is in the area, are you close by? Give us a heads up in five minutes and we'll come back." Or we also have the email. We'll send you a way bill number and ask for the best, maybe it needs to be sent to your office. So we'll just usually figure it out that way. But it's pretty easy to track people down with text.

Mark: What if you just can't be there and you'd prefer that it just be dropped off, hidden away perhaps on the porch or something. Can you arrange that?

Mark: Yep. Locally 100%. We do that all the time and we have like photo POD. So like we just take a picture, track it, we store it. So if you called me up and said, "Hey my tracking number 1234, where is it?" We'll find it and send you the picture, you're like, "Oh it's at the back door". It's really easy. And for out of town stuff, you just have to give permission to be left at the doorstep. Like no signature required. And it'll be there for you. You just have to tell us to do it. And it's really, it's good.

Mark: This is another one that I've seen. Does in transit, what does that mean?

Mark: What is it, what did you say?

Mark: In transient, in transit.

Mark: We don't really use in transit here. You'll find that with UPS, Purolator - it's in transit. It means they don't know what's going on. So it might have missed a connection or it's in transit. So call us and we'll tell you exactly where it is because really everything is trackable by GPS. And we can find it exactly where it is. That in transit thing is old. They should just abolish it. It'll be there soon.

Mark: It's in the cloud

Mark: Completely, yeah I hate that one as much as anybody.

Mark: What's the difference between shipped and out for delivery?

Mark: Shipped is yeah good. So a way bill has been created, it's been shipped means nothing. It means it's started. And out for delivery means yeah, a person has it, they have their instructions, they know what to do, they're going to get it done. But shipped just means ah-hah.

Mark: Somebody filled out paperwork

Mark: Yeah, it's shipped means... Call Phantom. We will tell you exactly where it is. Like yeah, it could be on a shelf waiting for instructions or something, but generally shipped means nothing.

Mark: It's in the cloud

Mark: Yeah, another one I don't like. Yeah, so call us up. We know exactly where things are. We track them.You know, it's so easy now. GPS and computers, like I can see it. In fact our GPS is so good, maybe I shouldn't use GPS, but our tracking, if I go in, scroll in on the map, I can see our guys on what floor in a building they're in. You know, it's kind of clunky but you're like, "Oh yeah I can see he's not o the street, he's on this floor." So we could tell you where it is - out for delivery.

Mark: So timing. Can I specify a time when my package has to arrive by or how do I know when my package will arrive?

Mark: Yeah ok so, if you want to know when it will arrive, like you select the window of opportunity to drop it off. So anytime in between. But if you said, "Mark needs my package at 2PM, be here by two o'clock". That's specific. That's our target. That's what we're going to be where we're going to be. Two o'clock be there all day, be there two o'clock, two o'clock, two o'clock. Otherwise it's not a good trip and we don't like that. So yeah specifically we love that stuff. That's like the best kind of work.

Mark: Is it a little bit more expensive because of the tight timeframe?

Mark: The most expensive. Yeah for sure. I love those things because we are doing it at a priority service for you, but everybody likes it. I mean they want it. They got it. And there's nothing better than somebody who's like, "Ah that was money well spent". Keeping it premium for a reason you know.

Mark: And for shipping, you guys don't really have any limits on what size or amount of stuff that you can move? You ship everything, everywhere.

Mark: That's right. As somebody is trying to get a hold of us right now. So yeah, we'll ship like anything. An envelope to a full container load. That's a container load, a pallet, engine block and crane wheel cables. Anything. So yeah, we ship it all. Any package, anywhere.

Mark: Phantom Couriers gets it there.

Mark: You know it man, that's our thing.

Mark: So there you go. If you want to ship your stuff in Vancouver, the guys to call are Phantom Couriers. Reach them at 604-899-5447. They're always hopping, they're always busy. Thanks Mark.

Mark: Right on, it's been awesome. Hope you have a great week.

Bike Couriers

Mark: Hi, it's Mark from Top Local. We're here with Mark Huggan, the phantom from Phantom Couriers in Vancouver. Vancouver's favourite and best courier service. How're you doing today Mark?

Mark: Totally excellent, how are you?

Mark: I'm good man. So bike couriers, we're going to talk about today. Do bike couriers still exist?

Mark: My favourite topic. Of course they do. Like of course, they're everywhere. They're... well I see them everyday because I'm a courier company, but there's just hundreds of them world wide and it's a growing industry.

Mark: What does a bike courier do?

Mark: Every single thing. Everything, like in the day to day business world, we're delivering documents and rolls, and cheques, and standing in line and doing banking, returning cell phones, delivering medicine. And in the evenings, they're delivering food. Tons of Amazon, contact lenses, engagement rings. Getting things done back and forth all day high speed. You know, just rocking it out hard. Lots of deliveries.

Just our regular service, you know, regular call ups, last week there was 500 regular, just get a bike messenger, downtown. And hundreds of different ones like directs and returns and economy's and one hours, but just the 2 hour regular envelope, we had almost 500, 487. Just envelopes. Then everything else.

Mark: And that's just in little old Vancouver.

Mark: I know, and it's a small downtown. But that's downtown. But our bikers go super far, so those numbers I gave you don't present the true number because they take car trips too. That was just bike work, just strict bike envelope.

Mark: So any difference between a bike messenger and a bike courier?

Mark: No, it's just the word. United States is messenger even though the french for courier is messenger. It's just we adopted the word courier. But couriers are better, take it from me, a Canadian.

Mark: How much do bike couriers make?

Mark: Millions of dollars, it's the best job ever. Like our top guys make about 200 bucks a day and it goes down from there. A guy who starts is going to make 15 bucks an hour, is our minimum. It's a you'll make this. It's an entry level job and then if you want to rock it out, you can go hard and make more. And they certainly do, they impress me everyday.

Mark: So why do bike messengers or bike couriers, why do they ride a fixie? What is a fixie?

Mark: So a fixie is like a direct drive, single speed bike. You peddle and you go. Don't ever think you're going to coast or you'll just get hucked over the front of the bike. They're low maintenance, they're fun to ride, they go wicked fast and it's like skiing or skateboarding, you skid around corners. It just gives you more control and they're just super fun. They come from like the velodrome. They're not exactly built for couriering but people rock them out hard and they're super fun to ride.

Mark: So how is this job evolving?

Mark: Well, as I sort of talked about food delivery at night, you see Foodora and Door Dash and Uber Eats and in any downtown core environment, the traffic's a mess. Things got to happen. It's not just the business community that uses bike messengers, it's everybody, because they're a quick on demand solution to I got to be in two places at once. What the hell am I going to do?

We'll come and meet you in a cafe, pick up your stuff and get it somewhere else or bring something to you that you forgot in minutes. And we're more on demand than ever. It's awesome. I remember when they said the fax machine will kill the business. Well that cargo bike delivered a fax machine, so ha-ha, it didn't happen.

Mark: So is that part of what's evolving is the actual bikes themselves are changing, evolving?

Mark: Yeah, well you know, you've got your fast guy downtown just dropping off documents with that fixed gear and then you've got cargo bikes like that one behind us taking up to 400lbs of whatever you're throwing at us. Every bike has got a rack on the front. So they're all putting boxes on them because it's just such a congested environment, we need to roll out. Whatever arrives by Amazon might not be staying in one spot. We've got to go move it around. We go to Microsoft all the time to pick up stuff, take it out to other places. Doing last mile on a bike is you just show up, you never know what you're going to pick up. So freight is a big thing for those guys. Big bags. big.

Mark: So you're saying that it's not only limited to the downtown core, what kind of stuff is going out a little bit further?

Mark: Oh everything. So our guys go from, in Vancouver, from the PNE to UBC, up to 41st by bike, on the rig, all the time. Like today, one guy delivered contact lenses from Clearly Contacts. He picked them up at the Renfrew skytrain station and went all the way out to UBC. He dropped off like 30 of them. So small boxes and he did a big run to residents like that. Otherwise we're up on the south side, Broadway corridor, from all the architect firms picking up rolls, dropping stuff off. Manufacturing, Granville Island. It's pretty unlimited what we'll pick up. Nothing's too crazy. We'll pick it up.

Mark: And what kind of mileage do they do in a day?

Mark: Yeah, 50k for us is like a slow day. Like they all have Garmin on their phones and "I only did 50kilometres today". Some guys ride in super far, other guys just go really far. We go over the bridges, we'll sea bus to North Van, drop off packages because the price is right.

Mark: So there you go. Bike couriers. If you're looking for fast delivery for all kinds of stuff as you heard. Everything from picking up cheques to standing in line at the bank and waiting at the Immigration office. These guys do it all. Phantom Couriers 604-899-5447 to book your courier and they'll look after you. Thanks a lot Mark.

Mark: Like you said, Any Package Anywhere, Phantom Couriers Gets It There man.

Frequently Asked Courier Questions

Mark: Hi, it's Mark from Top Local. We're here with Mark Huggan from Phantom Couriers. Vancouver's favourite courier delivery company. We're talking some frequently asked courier questions. How're you doing today Mark?

Mark: Doing excellent, thank you.

Mark: So what happens if my parcel goes missing?

Mark: What? What's those words missing? Never heard it before. Oh wait I remember once, a package went missing and we tracked it down.

Mark: Back in '56 right?

Mark: Yeah, just before I took over Phantom. So, with tracking numbers, nothing really ever goes missing. It goes away and then somebody finds it and we get it back. So everything, it's pretty impossible to lose something unless somebody does something wrong and it hardly ever goes wrong. So tracking numbers are pretty much the fodder of what's going to get it back. And since we proactively track stuff, we really don't take our eyes off it for very long at all. But we'll get it back and there's insurance.

Mark: Yeah, so how long can customs hold my package?

Mark: Oh, depends how honest you are when filling out customs documentation. So if you're straight up, it could be in and out in 24 hours. It's always going to be a minimum, if they touch it, it's 24 hours. It's government. It's a slow process and they do a lot. The longest I've ever seen? Is a long time. It was like three weeks. It just was a lot of mess, mistakes, you know but if you do all the right things it should be 24 hours at the longest.

Mark: So do packages deliver on Saturday?

Mark: Yeah. 100%

Mark: How about Sunday?

Mark: No, 0% You can go pick them up sometimes from a rural area on overnights and stuff like that but mostly Saturday is fine.

Mark: So if I'm a seller, I'm doing e-commerce or something like that, I'm delivering, who's responsible for quote-unquote loss which we've already learned doesn't happen, but it's delayed?

Mark: Well that's going to be us. We're the last mile people right. So we would be responsible for figuring out what went wrong and solving that problem and that's what we do. We find things all the time. It's just like missed connections or some computer errors. Whenever a human gets in the way, little things go wrong and you asked them what did you do and track it down. So we are responsible.

Mark: Can someone get compensation for late delivery? If something really absolutely had to be there and it didn't make it, what happens then?

Mark: Yeah, we always feel bad that it doesn't make it. Ok, so when that happens, it's a judgement call whether we will pay for it or not. You might not see it on your invoice if it's like, oh you know, we screwed up. That's definitely not on the customer all and there's occasion where we'll pay for it 100%. But I don't like to say, like, there's no guarantees. Things go wrong. Tires pop on airplanes, birds you know, windshields crack. Things like that, they happen and that's life. But if it's our fault it's not your problem.

Mark: And what's involved in tracking? Is there something I have to set up if I have a package or is that all just automatically taken care of?

Mark: It's all automatic. Like you're a client, so you get a tracking number whenever you place a call with us. That just transfers right down the line. So it starts here and it goes right to the end. Like some people pass it off and like, oh you need to contact UPS, here's your UPS number. You can just use our number. It's universal through our system and that's it, start and end.

Mark: So there you go. The easy way to look after your package delivery and courier issues in Vancouver. The guys to call are Phantom Couriers, 604-899-5447. They're always hopping, always busy. Sometimes it might take a little longer over like Christmas or Black Friday, is that fair?

Mark: Yeah that's totally fair man. Those are busy times so it's totally bananas.

Mark: Think ahead, you might need to call them a little sooner and get your stuff delivered during those times but other that they're going to get it done. Thanks a lot Mark.

Mark: You bet, talk to you soon.

One Day Shipping Delivery FAQs

Mark: Hi, it's Mark from Top Local. We're here with Mark Huggan of Phantom Couriers in Vancouver. Vancouver's favourite courier company and we're going to talk about one day shipping FAQ's. How you doing today Mark?

Mark: Doing good yeah. Everybody's favourite, all the time, they love us. Well you know, next day shipping is super popular with us and we try to make it as easy as we can. So fire some frequently asked questions and I'll give you some frequently given answers. How's that sound?

Mark: Sounds wonderful. So how much does one day shipping cost?

Mark: So we do a flat rate for Canada. So say you wanted Vancouver to Toronto. We would do it for a regular envelop starting at $37 and then it could be a little less or a little more depending on it it's a little or big package or a little further away or rural areas. But most major cities. So pretty simple flat rate keeps it simple.

Mark: So how does next day delivery work?

Mark: Yeah, call us or you just use our app and you order the trip. We'll send a courier to pick it up. We bring it here. We'll manifest it, make sure it gets down to the airport, put on a jet and we'll track and trace it for you. So proactively you don't have to think about it. Once it's gone, once you've ordered it, stop thinking. We will do address corrections, all sorts of you know, right down to the delivery and then we send you a proof of delivery email. It's so simple.

Mark: That sounds awesome. So what's the cutoff time for next day delivery?

Mark: Yeah cutoff time, right. I want them here by 3 o'clock. So a lot of people call us, they're like.. "Oh, I thought you said call us by 3." We will hustle but really, we need to have it here by 3, get everything properly done and back to the airport. So 3 o'clock is our cutoff but we're pretty, we try to be flexible. And no it's not a perfect world. International, it needs to be here by 2 because there's usually customs docs or something that goes with it if it's going out of the country.

Mark: Of course and you guys are still working on that time warp thing.

Mark: Yeah got it under control. You know, I've been testing myself lately - I just got back and stuff like that. We also do like overnight to the Island and same day, so like on demand. A lot of people forget about that. They might just like Purolator it but a similar cost we could fly it over. So the Island's not cheap. It's cheaper to go to Toronto sometimes that Vancouver Island. So we can go same day for $65 or $37.40 for overnight. Same easiness.

Mark: And is it next day, overnight - is it the same type of deadline time deadlines?

Mark: Yeah. Most businesses get their stuff by like between 10:00 and 12:00. They're dropping all day but you could say generally between 10:00 and 12:00. Any residential areas outside the downtown or metropolis, it'll be by end of day because there's a lot more ground to cover. Any rural ares or suburban areas, they're going to go by end of day.

Mark: So there you go. The guys to see if you have a package to ship next day in Vancouver, Phantom Couriers. You can reach them at 604-899-5447. They're always working. Mark's crazy. He just want to deliver your stuff right now.

Mark: I'm not leaving until you call. For sure Mark. Yeah thanks man it's been a great interview.

Mark: bye

Mark: See you.

Phantom Couriers – International Shipping Part 2

Mark: Hi, it's Mark Bossert from Top Local. We're here with Mark Huggan of Phantom Couriers in Vancouver. One of the top 100 fastest growing businesses in British Columbia and of course one of the best couriers in the entire world. How you doing today Mark?

Mark: Excellent. You know I just finished up a day of being the best courier in town so what I can I say. Had fun.

Mark: So we're going to talk some more about international shipping frequently asked questions today. So I guess this is one you mentioned when we were starting off, do you go there?

Mark: That's right. Most people call us up because on the internet it appears like we're a local courier and then they call us up because on the website we have international shipping. So they're always curious where we go. And we go worldwide.

Mark: Have you ever been to Antarctica?

Mark: Nope. But we're waiting for the call, because there's needs, that we could ship something there. We can get a container there. We have all, we can get er done but nobody's called us yet. So if you're listening Antarctica, call me.

Mark: And about how many countries have you guys actually shipped too so far?

Mark: Off my checklist, legitimately 220 but I think that pretty much 240 because people change their country names every now and then. And we've been in business since 1996 and I didn't start my checklist until 2000. So you know, I'm pretty sure if somebody brought up a name, i'd be like I'm sure I was there.

Mark: So what's the shipping size can I ship? What's the biggest stuff you shipped?

Mark: The biggest stuff? Containers, like a full container. So we can stuff a container full of things and then some of the biggest things people call listed up. I did a metal bridge to Whistler. I got a truck and some four wheel forklifts and installed that. That was pretty big for local. But internationally, the biggest things I've shipped is problem I think it was like a 8 foot roll of carpet. That was the largest dimensional just one off package that somebody needed. Like that one package, pick it up 8 feet long.

Mark: So what kind of shipping documents does someone need to ship internationally?

Mark: Well, they generate a waybill with Phantom and that gets your point A to point B. And then we'll take care of the customs documentation up on this side. And generally get all the duties and taxes paid by the shipper, being us. And then bill the customer so that when your package arrives anywhere in the world, there's no confusion. And people are prepared. They can just receive it.

Mark: Pretty easy process in other words.

Mark: Door to door. Super simple, yeah, keep it simple.

Mark: So what if my items arrive damaged, defective, incorrect?

Mark: Let me see. Haven't got a lot of insurance claims. Things go pretty good. Electronics are hard because you have to prove that they were functioning when they leave. So we have lots of insurance that can cover that kind of stuff. And our insurance policies are always up to date. And we have an ad hoc one where you can just basically put in the value, send it off and get the insurance right away instantly. But you know, there's due diligence on both sides.

Mark: So like, here's an example and I don't know whether this is appropriate or not but like I ordered a TV and it arrived and it looked fine but I noticed that there in the package, there was definitely, it had been crunched and the TV was crunched too. It didn't work. So I basically took pictures of it and they sent me a new one basically. How does that work when somebody you know, if there's exterior damage, obvious damage along the way because you guys don't control the entire process. Your'e not if you're shipping to Botswana or something. It's whoever's delivering it there, is responsible. How does is that handled?

Mark: Good question. Anything B to C, like you know, business to consumer, usually if the TV arrives squished, it's like yeah replace it instantly. It's super simple. But if it's from consumer to consumer, it's a lot more difficult. But we had a pallet of TV's in the office the other day going to England, like the original manufacturer packaging and off they went and they arrived you know, no problems. They're built to take a spill from three feet on any side. Everything's suspended. So generally, the box might get crunchy but the TV won't. You know, they're going to be, they're tossed around at sea and in air. I mean those airplanes, it's a rough ride. But things were packaged properly.

Mark: And so it doesn't, yeah, so you guys pick the right mode of transportation then to get the package there I guess, based on how fast it has to get there.

Mark: exactly, yeah. If it's not fast, it doesn't go by plane and you know, we inspect all packaging. And if it needs to be upgraded, we'll give it a beefy upgrade. We have packaging facility here. We can just package stuff up.

Mark: So there you go. If you're shipping internationally in Vancouver, the guys to call or out of Vancouver or anywhere in the world, the guys to call are Phantom Couriers. You can reach them in Vancouver at 604-899-5447. Have a chat with Mark, he's a very funny man. And they'll look after you. They've done this for a long time. Thanks Mark

Mark: Right on Mark. Thank you very much.

International Shipping FAQ’s

Mark: Hi it's Mark Bossert from Top Local, we're here with Mark Huggan of Phantom Couriers in Vancouver. Vancouver's best, downtown, all around courier, but I hear you guys are doing a lot of international shipping. What shipping size can I ship Mark?

Mark: Yeah, we've always done international shipping. So we got started off with documents, super simple documents. And then pacs, larger things, items. But we ship everything from, like I said, documents to hard drives, lots of film. Things in the film industry that get created one day and they get sent out to the, I guess they put them into a studio where they'll be looked at and recreated. I heard they talk, the guy gave them a name like that.

Mark: Rushes

Mark: Yeah rushes, stuff like that. Right down to lots of electronics. We've got a room full of television sets, there's seven television sets going to England. We're working on a container of beer to Korea and to China, samples of course. We've done everything. A guy has asked us to move cars. We've moved air freights. I moved a, basically it looked like a tank, it was this giant drilling thing and I put it on a train. It's not international up there, but it was a huge shipment, it went up to the oil patch. And then things all over the world. Like if I went back, it's crazy what we ship. I shipped a tortoise by air. All sorts of things. Like if you name it, we shipped it. It's bananas.

Mark: So what kind of expected delivery times do you have?

Mark: Everything from next day to six weeks. Like we shipped t-shirts for like a dating site and they don't want them to go fast so we basically just used international mail shipping. Otherwise we could have it in France in two days. Across the international date line, just plus or minus a day, you're gone.

Mark: And where do you ship?

Mark: Everywhere and I mean everywhere, except Antartica. Man like every country, everywhere. So people want things to go to Cuba, nobody wants to go to Cuba. We found a way to get to Cuba. We've been to Iraq when nobody wanted to go to Iraq. Any war zone, we've delivered there too. Africa. All over the place. Like it's hard and there's no guarantees, but we'll get her done.

Mark: So do you need insurance?

Mark: Yeah, if you want to protect your shipments, you always have to insure. You know if you don't buy insurance, you're not insured. It your duty.

Mark: Is that something you set up for people?

Mark: Yeah, but you know, when you're doing the deal, you're never asking, "And do you want to insure?" But if it's a valuable item, we get down to it, we'll insure it. The only thing you can't really insure is arts, heirlooms, anything that doesn't have a tangible invoice value. Anything you say, "Oh but it's priceless!" Oh please, don't ship that thing just do it yourself. But yeah, we offer insurance for up to anything. The standard insurance goes up to $3000 bucks and after that it become high value and high value just need a broker to take a good look at the invoice.

Mark: And what about duties and taxes? How do you navigate that?

Mark: So most duties and taxes are paid by the shipper. So we would assume that we're going to be the shipper, pay all the duties and taxes, value added taxes here and bill the client as they ship out. Anything being brought in, as you know as everybody ships with Amazon, they're like "I couldn't believe it, a $10 dollar pen and it was a $100 dollars in duties". That needs to be taken care of on the import. Exporting I would recommend paying them upfront so your receiver doesn't get stuck with the bill because a lot of times they refuse it. It just increases costs and traveling back and forth from the last mile things can go wrong. So it's best to pay now.

Mark: There you go if you want international shipping with expertise and super efficiency, the guys to see are Phantom Couriers in Vancouver. You can reach them at 604-899-5447. Call and check them out, they're awesome guys to deal with and Mark Huggan is the owner. Thanks Mark

Mark: Good, thanks for calling me up. See you again.

Phantom Courier Trucking Services

Hey I'm Mark from Phantom Couriers. Let's talk about local trucking today. Phantom Couriers can offer you 3 ton, 5 ton, flat deck, power tail gate. We have rates for the entire Lower Mainland. So you want to do some shipping with Phantom, just get in touch with us. Mark from Phantom Couriers. Thanks

Phantom Couriers Same Day Shipping To Vancouver Island

Hey, I'm Mark from Phantom Couriers and today we're going to talk about same day shipping to Vancouver Island.

Phantom Couriers has hourly flights to Victoria and Nanaimo. They leave by Harbour Air, we have couriers on the island to pick them up and get them done. If you have a specific time, just tell us and we'll get it done.

A success story. A guy on Vancouver Island had a tortoise. So we brought a tortoise over via Harbour Air, took it out to a vet in Pitt Meadows and that tortoise is going to live another 70 years.

I'm Mark Huggan from Phantom Couriers. Remember any package anywhere, Phantom Couriers gets it there! Thank you

International Shipping tips

Best International Shipping Services for Small Business

international shipping tip


A lot of small and medium businesses need to ship internationally. If you’re a brick-and-mortar store, run an e-commerce shop, or a drop shipper, international shipping allows you to expand your business beyond just your back door. By offering competitive international shipping, you will be able to serve customers throughout the world.

Obviously, when you offer shipping services, you’ll need to work with a courier company to ensure that your package gets you to its destination on time. It can be daunting to put such an essential business service in someone else’s hands; after all, they are responsible for actually getting the product to your customer. There are many international shipping companies that offer services to small or medium-size businesses at reasonable prices so how do you choose? It is vital to choose a reliable company with good reviews, similar values, and you can trust. To help you get started with your international shipping, we need to give you some of the most important things to think about.

Shipment Size

As one might expect, the size of the package or container is one of the most important aspects of how much it will cost to get your package to its destination.  When you offer shipping options for your products, you need to know the precise measurement of the weight of all your products to ensure you give an accurate cost assessment.  

Delivery Time

Depending on when your customers want to receive your products will determine how expensive the shipping will cost. You’ll also have to decide whether you want to pass on shipping costs to your customers. A lot of companies offer free shipping over a certain dollar amount. As a business owner, you need to decide what is best for your business.

Shipping Method

Most products are shipped via ground, air, or sea. Most customers don’t care on now they get the package to its destination, however, the shipment method will have a direct impact on the time of delivery.

Distance Being Shipped

Another factor that will have an obvious impact on price is the distance you are shipping the product. Most shipment services will offer an estimate of how much it will cost to ship to a specific destination depending on where you are shipping from.


Nobody likes to think about insurance but it’s important to plan in case a shipment gets lost or broken during transportation  – accidents do happen. The type of insurance you purchase depends on the value of the items, destination, and the shipping method of transportation. The most frequently purchased type of shipping insurance is carrier liability insurance, which usually covers the goods being shipped and the cost of shipping up to $100 in the event the shipment is damaged or lost. For international shipments, you may also want to purchase additional insurance, especially if the item is of higher value. Shop around for different prices and if you ship frequently, use it as leverage to get discounted rates.

Shipping Volume

As a small business, every cent counts which is why shipping volume is important. If you are shipping products daily, you can get a better rate than if you only ship once a month. As an e-commerce store, shipping rates can make or break your company. It’s important to shop around for the best rates. Often times the bigger international shipping companies won’t negotiate with you; however independent couriers will give you a much better deal.

international shipping tip

Points System or Loyalty Program

Only international companies used to use loyalty programs; however, even smaller businesses have used some kind of points system or loyalty program to engage their customers. This can include offering free, discounted, and faster shipping to any member. This type of program can create lifelong customers who buy more frequently from you.


The type of product you are shipping will also determine the price you pay. For example, most shipping companies will charge you an additional fee to ship hazardous materials. Products that need to be kept refrigerated or can expire, such as food items, need to be insulated while shipped, which also costs more.


No matter how often or where you ship, it’s important that you make your shipping policies clear to your customers by listing them on your company website and in email communication. Your policies should include the cost to the customer (taxes, duties, customs etc), estimated shipping time, and return policies.  With a good shipping strategy in place, your business will be able to service your customers more effectively while bringing your products to new corners of the world. If you have any questions about international shipping, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.